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Introducing Crossfit Gunnedah

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

At CrossFit Gunnedah, our passion is to provide a comprehensive fitness service focused on having FUN in a SAFE, INCLUSIVE environment and build a COMMUNITY that supports and encourages each other. 

From humble beginnings in our garage, we have developed and grown over a number of years. We started with a few Kettle Bells in our garage and a thirst for knowledge. This journey took us to developing greater skills, more equipment, hundreds of hours in training, courses, and a trip to California USA to the home of CrossFit and the CrossFit games.


Witnessing the community spirit, and the inspirational stories from people as young as the 15-year-old athlete who overcame social anxiety with the support of her CrossFit gym to the  90 years old who is maintaining independence by increasing mobility and strength, led us to want to share this with our hometown.


With the affiliation of CrossFit, we are able to provide up to date resources, skills,training methods community events and global networking.

Our Coaches

At CrossFit Gunnedah we have a variety of options. Whether you're looking to get your health on track, Improve your Nutrition, Increase Fitness or compete we are sure we have something right for you.

Coach Josh_Gunnedah Crossfit.jpg

Meet Josh

I have always been passionate about other people's health and involved in the health industry.

For the last 12 years I have worked in Pathology after graduating with a Biomedical Science degree, where I also studied exercise physiology.


I am a certified CrossFit Level 1 trainer and have completed CrossFit scaling courses and CrossFit judges course. My passion lies both with Athlete development and improving health and well being in the everyday community in an attempt to decrease Chronic disease in the community.

When I started CrossFit I was at my heaviest weight I had ever been, I was tired, working a busy job mostly sitting down. I ate poorly, and I was sad. CrossFit gives me confidence, independence and happiness.


Over the last 3 years I have devoted thousands of hours learning, practising and developing skills and techniques to safely and effectively pass on. 

A Gunnedah local, I grew up playing team sports. Football, Cricket, anything with a social element. And I think that is what drew me to CrossFit where other exercise regimes don't.


I Love the camaraderie and community spirit in CrossFit. Cheering on your mate, helping each other grow and strive, and achieving things we never thought we could do. 

Coach Josh 2 _Gunnedah Crossfit.jpg
Coach Jess 2_Crossfit Gunnedah.jpg
Coach Jess_Gunnedah Crossfit.jpg

Meet Jess

I am a Gunnedah girl spending my childhood and all of my school years here. I have always been an active person. 

I did competitive gymnastics for 9 years competing at local country and state level, as well as state level swimming. I love being active and try any sport or activity.

I have an Education and teaching background having graduated with a bachelor of Education I have taught Primary School and after having a child I have been running a operating Family day care services. I have a passion for Child development and kids sport and look to develop CrossFit Kids programs locally soon.


I am currently a certified CrossFit level 1 trainer, and have completed CrossFit scaling and judges courses, and hold various other coaching certificates.

Before I started CrossFit I was at my most unfit I had ever been and I was lacking energy and motivation. My Husband (Josh) had been doing CrossFit in our garage and convinced me me to give it a try. My first experience was registering for the CrossFit open, a world wide competition which draws 100's of thousands of competitors each year to complete 5 workouts over 5 weeks.


After my very first workout I was hooked. I had never experienced something so intense yet so amazing at the same time. The sense of community achieved at a global level was inspiring, the fitness intensity was amazing and the feeling your left with is empowerment and achievement.

I am now probably in the best shape of my life and I am still striving to learn new skills and improve my fitness everyday.

I love that CrossFit is something every single person can do and every person can get something out of every workout.

Meet Em

Once a Sydney girl, I've been calling Gunnedah home alongside my husband for the past 9-years.

Soon to be expecting our first baby, I'm excited to become a mum and have enjoyed adapting my training to my personal goals and the link between exercise and quality of life. As well as CrossFit, I love team sports and play both basketball and AFL.

Coaching the members at CrossFit Gunnedah is so enjoyable, the community is growing and our members are so welcoming of newcomers. I love being part of an individuals training journey and watching new skills develop.

There's something pretty special about the CFG community that I have not experienced elsewhere. It makes it easier to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings. 

If I were to pick a special interest per se love, I would say I love working with beginners to develop the foundational movements that apply across all areas of CrossFit.

I also have a keen interest in food and nutrition so you can often find me in my vegetable garden, collecting eggs from my chooks or making my own sourdough and kombucha.

CrossFit Gunnedah_Trainers_Em Wilson_2.p
CrossFit Gunnedah_Gunnedah Gym_Meet Step

Meet Steph

I'm a wife, a mother of 4, business owner, avid CrossFitter and love of human movement!

I'm ​constantly amazed by ageing and the bodies amazing capabilities and have a keen interest in mental health and exercise in general. Attaining and maintaining my own fitness so I can climb mountains everywhere I go is always at the top of my list. 

Being a Coach at CrossFit Gunnedah means I get to not only partake in but witness the strength in our community and the banter amongst our members.

I began my coaching career in women's artistic gymnastics. I also have a keen interest in mobility and its overall effect on efficient movement. 


Coaching people from all walks of life and working towards a common goal of fitness. Helping people achieve their goals often leads to great conversations and one liners. Not to mention the joy and smiles that light up the room each and every day I'm privileged to coach a class. 

And just in case you're up for a fun fact - I'd love to learn how to play the bagpipes!


Meet Miah

Originally CrossFit for me was a way to maintain my strength and fitness for my other main passion - Trick Riding (Acrobatics on Horseback). But I fell in love with CrossFit and now I get the best of both worlds!

I have travelled around most of America performing at some of the top rodeos in the world with a team called "The Riata Ranch Cowboy Girls". 

Currently studying a Bachelor of Physiotherapy, I'm super interested competing, the mental toughness, biomechanics and recovery of the body. I also love to watch myself along with our members achieve so many of our fitness goals and assist in helping them reach those goals. 

The quality and broad range of services available to us at CrossFit Gunnedah is one of my favourite parts of coaching here. Along with, most importantly, the tight bond between all the members and our CFG community. It is so rewarding to watch members from all walks of life come together to share their passion and desire for healthy lifestyles, and have so much fun doing it.

When I am not at the gym I am riding horses or playing AFL. I also love to learn new was in which our body works and functions and implement that. into my training and coaching. 

Gunnedah Gym_Crossfit Gunnedah_Meet Miah
Gunnedah Crossfit_Training in Gunnedah_M
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- Pat Sherwood

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