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Am I fit enough for CrossFit?

Am I Fit Enough for CrossFit?

This is such a common Question. So many time people fear starting a new thing because they think they wont be good enough.

Asking If you are fit enough to try a new fitness program or Sport is like asking if you can run fast enough before buying new running shoes.

The whole point of starting is to get fitter get stronger and improve.

Starting is scary though I get it. It can be itimidating walking into a new gym, you might be unsure what to do, you don't want to look like a fool or appear the weakest or slowest.

Let me put your mind at ease right now. Anybody can do CrossFit. Anybody can do any fitness program. All you have to do is start. Dont let your fear hold you back from achieving your dreams and Goals.

To put your mind at ease though here are some of the things we do for our newcomers to help them ease in.

1. A coach will guide and teach you every step of the way. 2. First we focus on Mechanics, Then Consistancy, then intensity. 3. Everyone is doing something different. Although we have a common workout each day, each person is working at there own appropriate weight, skill and effort. 4. No one is watching! (except your coach) When you are in the middle of a workout, Knowone has time to watch what you or anyone else is doing. They are just focusing on there own thing. 5. Everyone supports each other. We are built on a community that supports and helps lift each other up.

If this sounds like it could be for you contact us.

If you want to see change in your fitness and health you have to make change, don't let fear stand in your way. Reach out to a gym today and seek help.


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